Gallery FUMI presents FARBFELD – new work by the ceramic artist Johannes Nagel in its first solo exhibition for 2022.

The 19 pieces have been made by Nagel over the past two years in his studio in Halle, Germany and show the artist continuing to redefine the form and function of the traditional vessel as he plays with the improvisational qualities of his chosen material – clay.

The show’s title comes from the German word for “colour field” and references both post-war abstract painting, as well as his own painstaking work in developing new colour combinations and glazes, resulting from a carefully conducted series of systematic trials.

With a seemingly inexhaustible appetite for experimentation, Nagel’s new pieces include hand-built stoneware; porcelain vases created in the sandbox; and the application of the innovative glaze combinations he has spent time developing over the last year.  The resulting work is highly resolved and yet filled with joyous, restless energy.

Gallery FUMI, 2-3 Hay Hill, Mayfair, London W1J 6AS
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