Brooksbank & Collins

London, United Kingdom

Brooksbank & Collins

Brooksbank (b. 1982) and Collins (b. 1979) collaboration draws on 25 years of combined research within their respective disciplines: Brooksbank is a qualified architect and Collins is a practising fine artist. They established their London design studio in 2012 as a means of exploring the overlap of art and architecture within the design of furniture and decorative objects.

Brooksbank and Collins’ collaboration thrives on contrast. Collins is the scientist focused on the internal logic of a design concept whereas Brooksbank acts the part of provocateur exploring the poetic possibilities of their work. Sitting alongside one another at a single long desk they will routinely explore and dismiss scores or hundreds of design drafts over many months in order to invest, measure by measure, a divine degree of precision and judgment within each piece they produce.




It is not the material that is the common ground at FUMI, but the idea of questioning the object.

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